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Internet programming services:
No two companies are alike, different companies have different needs. Here at FluxCenter we believe that what is a good solution for one Company does not at all mean that is good for another one.
Custom programming is all about tailoring solutions for yours specific needs. From a complete turnkey system to minor modification to your current or commercially available systems, we can do it all.
Here are some of our Internet Programming Services:

Payment Gateway Integration:
Need custom payment gateway integration, we have hands on experience with most providers, including but not limited:


Catalogue generators:
Have a lot of information you need online?
Stop doing page by page; we can create a catalogue generator for you, so the pages creation is automatic, save time for important tasks.

Forms are probably the best way to get information in the Internet. When done correctly information travel less, so chances of information getting lost are greatly minimize. Also by requiring some information fields, there is travel "less back and forth" between you and your client, potential client or users.
Also we can add the ip address of the user to the results of the form, so you have a better idea of who your user is.
(Part of standard security for credit card transactions)

Custom Shopping Carts:
Need a specific function in a cart but you cannot find it in commercial products?
You have come to the right place.

Membership sites :
Want to establish a private area for guests and or paying clients?
Sure, no problem.

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