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PHP Script Installation
We provide professional PHP script installation.
We have experience installing scripts  in Unix ,Linux and  Nt and 2000 Server systems. We do love
Freebsd and Debian script installations.

Also on request we provide a low cost Php script modification service and Php translation services.
The average installation time is  from 24 to 72 hours, but can vary upon current workload.
Please contact us for time estimate.
We also offer Emergency 24 hours or less installation.

Cgi Installation Fees
Standard installation flat fee  (24 - 72)*  US$ 25
Emergency installation flat fee (24)*      US$ 50

*Installation time quoted in business days hours. Eastern Time GMT-05:00

PHP scrip installation Service Guaranty
We will not charge any money* until the Php script is fully installed and you have 7 days after the script installation and payment to test it, if you would have any reserves to the installation process and the installation process alone, we will correct it or refund the payment less the transaction fee (from 2 to 5 Dollars).
*On a very small percentage of installations we do require an initial payment.

Installation Request
Please click here for installation request form.

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